About Us

We are so happy that you've found your way to us.
RTRIBE is a modern, eco-conscious children's clothing brand that we've been dreaming up for years.  As parents to little ones, we were inspired to start this journey as we became more aware of the harmful byproducts of the fashion industry and the toxins that surround us in our modern world.

We decided we needed to make a difference, so we began with our ultimate priority - our future generations.

We set out to produce a collection that checked off all the boxes of what was important to us. Comfortable pieces that our kids WANT to wear, eco-friendly fabrics like hemp and organic cotton that are natural and breathable, and well constructed garments that are durable and support the skilled craftsmen and women in our community in Los Angeles.

Each piece is made with love and is meant to be passed down rather than thrown in a landfill.  Consciously choosing does make a difference.  If not today, then certainly for our future.

Peace and Love,

Maria and Luke